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Beautiful Holidays has a unique warranty that can be bought at the moment you have decided for a breast augmentation.

Cost and coverage

For an extra amount of £ 75 or Euro 115 or equivalent other currency you are insured for the following :
   -One Y class return ticket from the international airport of your choice to Penang.
   -Accomodation in Penang for 7 nights inclusive of breakfast for 2. The hotel will be the same standard as where you
    stayed when you originally came out.
   -We will do whatever is surgically necessary to adress the situation. The implants will be removed or replaced
    as you wish.
   -In case of leakage we will provide a new implant free of charge upon your providing us with the warranty card
    of your implant.
   -Maximum period of insurance is 3 years after implant has been placed in Penang by our Beautiful Holidays surgeon.


In case you suffer from capsular contraction or leaking in your breasts :

We require a written report from a qualified plastic/cosmetic surgeon in your country stating the seriousness of the capsular contraction or an X ray from your breast in case of a broken/leaking implant .

You supply us the warranty card information that you received from us when you had the breast augmentation done. This card will be given to you in Penang on the day of surgery if you opted to buy the warranty.

The cost of the surgeons report (in your own country) and courier services are to be paid by you.

We will consult our surgeon about the action to follow and will let you know his advice. This can either be replacing the implant or removing the implant.

Sceduling your trip to Penang will be next. Once here in Penang you will receive the same service as when you initially came to Penang.

What is capsular contraction ?

Capsular contraction may or may not develop.There is a 1% to 5% chance that it may develop after one year or after 5 years. The scar tissue or capsule that normally form itself around the implant tightens and squeezes the implant, this makes it go very hard and it becomes uncomfortable.

There are 4 levels of contraction according to Bakers :
   -Grade 1 is when the breats feels soft and looks normal as it should be.
   -Grade 2 is when the breast feels firm but looks normal.This is not a real capsular contraction warranty case.
   -Grade 3 is when the breast feels hard and looks abnormal this qualifies for warranty.
   -Grade 4 is when the breast feels hard , is painful and looks very abnormal.

Be aware that if you have a grade 3 or 4 it might be necessary that the implant is removed and the capsule is removed. After this you can decide if you want to replace the implant or want to stay without the implant.

In case you chose to replace the implant and it can be done imediatly we will do so. In case the breast needs to heal first, you will need to return to Penang after 3 to 6 months.

The treatment, stay and our services in that case are free of charge and fall under warranty. The second ticket, which you need to fly back to Penang for the implant to be put in after your breasts have healed is not included.

Would you have any questions to Beautiful Holidays or the surgeon about this warranty, please email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.