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In case, after consultation with our customer, we agree that corrective action is necessary, we will bring the customer back to Penang at our expense exclusively to undertake the necessary treatment.

This is our commitment and exclusive remedy.

Please remember we should be given the opportunity to correct any situation that requires corrective action. We do not believe in treatment by a local surgeon as normally the mindset may be negative and our surgeons should have the opportunity to correct any mishaps. In case the customer is still in Penang and corrective action can only be taken with a longer stay than planned we will bear the cost of an extended stay.


In case a clear mistake is made we will accept arbitration in the country of the customer. If you choose to seek arbitration we recommend you seek advice on this matter, and to discuss your case with one of many private and public medical organizations that can determine how meritorious your case is.


The customer must give Beautiful Holidays ample time to react and address the situation. The customer, before seeking publicity, has to consider that in case Beautiful Holidays are not to be held responsible, all damages suffered by Beautiful Holidays as a result of negative publicity will be claimed against the customer.

This is our exclusive right.

If it is our feeling that the Customer in his claim is not right we will inform the Customer accordingly with the reasoning behind our decision. If the Customer, based on the reasoning feels they have to take legal action against us this is a right we cannot and will never deny. The difference between seeking legal action and seeking publicity is sometimes a fine balance. If the outcome of the legal action proves the Customer's wrong and the Customer has sought publicity to strengthen his/her case, it is our right to will take legal action against the Customer if the publicity results in damages/loss of business to either BH or H.

In Case of Complications

If, post surgery, our Customer considers there is something wrong, they should immediately contact BH and inform BH in writing by E-mail, fax or letter of the situation. As part of our commitment to you post surgery we will react within 24 hours during working days.

There are situations in which we do reimburse the money you have paid.

We require a deposit to guarantee your hotel and surgery booking. The remainder needs to be paid after the consultation and before the surgery. Some people chose to pay 1 week before travel via bank transfer and some people chose to pay the amount before surgery in Penang.

Medical indications

Once you have arrived in Penang and in case the intake consultation reveals a situation whereby it is medically not advisable for you to undergo the treatment, we will refund the total amount you have paid minus the hotel cost you will make during your stay here.

Our initial assessment of you is thorough and precise only if you provide us with accurate information. For this purpose we ask each and every customer to fill our Medical Questionnaire so that this matter can be avoided.

Pulling out

It is always up to you to decide if you want to have the surgery after you have had the intake consultation. If you decide not to go ahead we refund the total amount you have paid minus the hotel cost you will make during your stay here.

There are situations that on the last minute you might decide not to have surgery for reasons completely up to you. Of course this can happen. We are there to provide you as much information as possible to make a decision.

Unforeseen circumstances

It has happened in the past that after having made payment either in full or the down payment unforeseen circumstances forces the customer to cancel the trip.
We offer two options either book a later time or we will repay the amount.
In the latter case we will transfer the Malaysian Ringgit amount that we originally received. It might have happened that your currency has appreciated or depreciated against the Malaysian Ringgit. We cannot be held responsible for currency changes over time. So finally you may receive more money back in your own currency or less money back in your currency depending on the currency change over time.