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Beautiful Holidays consultations in the UK great success
Press Box - Sunday May 22 2005 

First consultations from Beautiful Holidays in England a huge success Beautiful Holidays, one of the first organisations in the world combining cosmetic and plastic surgery with a complete holiday package in an exotic resort environment, conducted its first ever consultations in England.

Marloes Giezenaar managing director of Beautiful Holidays says:” After the SKY1 documentary “Sun, Sea and Silicone” last year in the UK we have got even more requests for all kind of plastic and cosmetic surgeries. In talking to clients here in Penang some found it a hurdle not meeting the surgeon before they came out to Malaysia. All of them said that if we were to held consultations this would most certainly be a big plus”.

“One of our surgeons took the challenge and together we went to Manchester and London for a total of three days allowing for about 30 consultations. All slots were fully booked and unfortunately 3 people did not show up. The consultation might help to determine which surgery one exactly requires and get an insight on how the surgeon will perform the surgery and how the results will be. Of course during the 45 minutes people can ask all questions they have. It is a unique chance to meet the surgeon and get comfortable about him before coming out to Penang. After the consultation I tell the people about the pricing, the hotels and off course the beautiful island of Penang. Without exception all people that came for the consultation where happy about the surgeon, Penang, Beautiful Holidays and last but not least the pricing, for sure we will see most of them in Penang later this year”, so says Marloes.

The next round of consultations will be held in Manchester on Friday the 23rd September 2005 and in London on Sunday 25th and Monday the 26th of September 2005.

Any customer that wants to have a follow up check after having had surgery in Penang is of course welcome. The consultations are free of charge.