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Want to get rid of Varicose / Spider Veins without scars while enjoying a holiday
PRESS BOX UK - Mon May 23 2005

Want to get rid of Varicose Veins or Spider Veins?

Beautiful Holidays is one of the first in Asia to offer you a great new solution that is quick, painless and virtually scarless.

Having had over 600 applications in 2004 for Varicose/Spider veins treatments Beautiful Holidays Managing Director Marloes Giezenaar was looking to offer her clients a method that was more customer friendly and up to date then the traditional treatments available. She spoke to the vascular surgeon who told her about the method he had been introduced to and was interested in bringing this to Malaysia. Giezenaar did her research and found this method to be all the rage in the states at the moment.

Endolaser, an endovenous laser treatment, is performed in the office as a minimally invasive method for treating large varicose veins. Developed by the world-renowned “The Vein Treatment Center”, Endolaser uses existing laser and ultrasound technology to close the main vein from the inside with laser energy.

Under color duplex ultrasound guidance, a minute laser fiber is inserted directly into the vein through a catheter (tiny tube). Pulses of laser energy are released along the course of the vein to seal it completely. Endolaser requires only a small nick in the skin and local anaesthesia. The patient walks out of the office and returns to his or her normal daily routine immediately without any pain medication though Beautiful Holidays has included 1 night hospital stay in a private room for your maximum comfort. There are no stitches, or injection of chemical substances.

It is a safe and effective treatment for large varicose veins, specifically approved by the FDA for treatment of greater saphenous vein reflux. There have been no serious complications reported in the thousands of cases performed within the United States and abroad. Endolaser has an overall success rate greater than 97%. These results are already considered better than those of traditional surgery.

Giezenaar: “Since the introduction of this procedure in early February 2005 we have treated several patients from overseas successfully. We are excited about this new procedure. The surgeon who performs this procedure is a Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon with over 17 years of surgical experience behind him and qualifications from Malaysian, British and Australian Universities so our clients are in good hands”. Following a basic education in Malaysia he pursued medical studies at University Malaya, trained in Surgery at Kuala Lumpur and in the United Kingdom and then received a Fellowship from Glasgow. He was awarded a Scholarship from the Malaysian Government with which he trained as a Vascular Fellow at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

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