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British couple happy with cosmetic surgery
New Straits Times, November 24, 2005

When 41-year-old Angela Williams arrived in Penang last Sunday from Surrey, England, she only had one thing in mind – to look forward to a new, enhanced figure.

On Wednesday, she underwent breast upliftment surgery and was ecstatic with the result. She is now thinking of undergoing more cosmetic surgeries such as a mini facelift or a thread lift for her forehead.

“I had some apprehension initially but I must say I am very pleased with it,” she told the Sunday Mail.

A day earlier, her male companion, Paul Jones, 37, also successfully underwent a surgery for beer-belly and breast reduction.

They met a little over a year ago and made this “body-beautiful” pact- cum-holiday on the island. And there was no better time for it than on Valentine’s Day.

Had it not been for Jones who fixed the dates for the surgery, Williams would still be contemplating whether or not to carry out this pact.

Asked how she felt after the first surgery, Williams, who was searching for the best word to describe herself, finally said: “I feel great and so confident now.

“I really admire this new look of mine... every single bit of it,” she said, adding that she was still trying to get ample rest to prepare for her next surgery.

“I do feel a little weak now but every evening since the surgery, Paul and I would not miss the chance to go sight-seeing.”

However, the couple was still too weak for an “after” photography session. Williams whispered that Jones’s had had a lot of liposuction and needed all the rest he could get.

“I sure like his new look. He is really fit now... so different from the time we first arrived.

“I am sure he is very happy with his surgery as well,” she said.

The couple had signed up for the surgeries with Beautiful Holidays, the company providing cosmetic surgery under the medical tourism programme in Penang.

The package for the couple costs RM32,000, inclusive of five-star accommodation but excluding air fares.

Meanwhile, Beautiful Holidays managing director Marloes Giezenaar said once Williams has decided on whether or not to carry out the other two surgeries, she would make the necessary arrangements.