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Beautiful Holidays brings in tourists

NewStraitsTimes - Sunday Times - 2009/10/25

GEORGE TOWN: A cosmetic surgery company which incorporates the medical tourism concept has become a great success since its inception in 2002.

The company, Beautiful Holidays, has been growing steadily with more than 600 people, 90 per cent of them foreigners, undergoing surgery.

They spent RM16.56 million in the state during the period.

Beautiful Holidays managing director Marloes Gieze-naar said this year alone, 62 people had sought various cosmetic surgery procedures with another four waiting in line. About 90 per cent of the patients were women.

There has been an increase in people coming for cosmetic dentistry which is good as it is not something that Malaysia is widely known for.

We also see an increasing trend in patients combining surgeries.

Giezenaar said women usually sought facial, body and breast surgery while men opted for facial surgery and liposuction.

Giezenaar said the bulk of her clients were from the United Kingdom (60 per cent), followed by those from Australia and New Zealand (20 per cent), United States and Europe (10 per cent), and Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong (10 per cent).

They include artistes, models and politicians who come here to avoid publicity in their own countries.

Giezenaar said the company found Penang to be most cost-effective since it offered a pleasant environment for patients to recover from their surgery.