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Welcome to Beautiful Holidays!

As you will discover, Beautiful Holidays is about combining two things, regaining confidence through cosmetic and plastic surgery and enjoying a luxurious holiday.

For whichever reason you decide to have cosmetic or plastic surgery, no doubt you have given it careful consideration. One of your primary concerns may be what people around you may say. The advantage of a Beautiful Holiday is you will simply tell family, friends and colleagues you are going away for a well-earned break. No awkward questions need to be asked or answered.

Penang, Malaysia provides you with the perfect resort destination to enjoy the benefits of international recognised surgical care. At the same time, as you can expect from an international organisation, we have English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean speaking staff to assist you in Penang so you will feel perfectly at ease while you are with us.

As Managing Director for Beautiful Holidays, I live and work in Penang. Originally from Holland where I obtained an MBA, I am a successful career woman in my own right who has lived around the world in France, South Africa, Germany and Singapore. Before I founded Beautiful Holidays I had minor plastic surgery in Holland - ISP treatment in my lips. Around the same time a friend of mine arranged to go to Penang for a tummy tuck. The quality of the surgery she received, but more outstandingly the cost saving she made ignited the idea of Beautiful Holidays.

Beautiful Holidays employs people who share my common values of meticulous attention to detail and customer satisfaction, as well as being highly proficient in their chosen careers, from finance, to planning and customer relations.

We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are perfectly looked after from the time they fly to the moment they touch down safely back home. Once you are in Penang our staff are available 24hrs a day to assist you for all matters. We can assure you that you will experience fun, relaxation and newfound confidence during your stay with us.

At Beautiful Holidays we will look after you as an individual with very individual needs. To understand more thoroughly what we will do for you please see the section on How We Work. As a measure of our success, you will find that many of our clients are referred to us. Through word of mouth our successes are a tribute to our staff that strive to ensure you return home having never felt better before.

And finally, if you're still unsure and one of your friends just happens to take a holiday to Penang, don't ask why and who with, but look at the results coming back.

I look forward to seeing you in Penang very soon!