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We perfectly understand that only the proposal we have sent to you is not sufficient for you to make a decision. You will for sure have questions about the treatment you desire or about the surgeon, the hospital and the hotels or about us. Please feel free to email us with all your questions, we normally answer in detail within 24 hours. Given our experience we can answer most of your questions and always seek advice from the surgeon for the medical questions.

We might have questions about you and the treatment you desire. For the not so straight forward treatments where the beauty aspect is involved like a nose reduction, a facelift or tummy tuck, we most probably will ask you to send one or more digital pictures so that our surgeons can make a correct assessment of your situation.

This allows us to give you a fixed price for the treatment; there are no surprises once you have arrived in Penang.

At this point you can ask to be put in contact with one of our many previous clients who have been to Penang for the same treatment that you desire so that you can discuss all aspects of this unique experience with them and ask them all questions you have.

In case you are interested the assurance phase will start.


We will send you our comprehensive medical questionnaire and registration form. By answering all questions we have the assurance that you are medically seen fit to go for the desired treatment. Any additional tests here in Penang, like blood tests or X-rays (if required), are included in our price. In case of doubt about your health, we will discuss with our surgeons and might come back to you with additional questions.

Should you desire to continue we have the option of a telephone conversation with our surgeon. He will call you at a time convenient to you at a number you have indicated. Though we encourage such a call it is not imperative and most people chose not to have this call.

In this way we don't compromise the safety of the patient, and we maintain our 100% success rate.

Planning your travel

Once you have decided to go ahead with surgery the planning cycle starts. Please let us know your intended day of arrival and departure once you have looked at flights availability. Once you have told us these dates we will check the available surgery lots and the availability of the hotel. If hotel and surgery slot are okay you can carry on to book your flight. Please give us your travel schedule once this is confirmed to you by the travel agent or airline.

Holiday dates and particulars finalized

Once all travel and surgery dates are agreed Beautiful Holidays will send you an invoice.


We need a telegraphic transfer into our account at HSBC in Penang as indicated on the invoice. This down payment of 30 % is to confirm all bookings with the surgeon, hospital and hotel. The remaining 70 % you can either transfer to our account one week before you travel or bring the amount in cash, which we need to receive from you after your consultation with the surgeon before the treatment starts.

We do not work with credit cards and we cannot accept a foreign cheque. Beautiful Holidays strictly adheres to this policy to avoid any misunderstandings.

Pre operation instructions.

Depending on the kind of surgery you will have we will send you our pre operation instructions 2 or 3 weeks before your intended travel date.

1 week before travel date travel documentation sent to you

One week before you travel we will send you some practical information for travelling to Penang and the arrival procedure. Most likely you will be informed of who will pick you up from the airport before you travel but it is always a Beautiful Holidays employee with a name sign looking out for you.