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Discharge from the hospital

Before discharge from the hospital, which normally happens around noon, the surgeon will come to your room to see if you qualify for discharge and you will receive your take home medication such as painkiller and antibiotics. He will explain what you can and cannot do in the first days after discharge.

Our representative will be there around 11, do the discharge procedure for you and then bring you back to your hotel.

Back in your room

Our representative will make sure you are comfortably installed in your room. If there is anything you need please let us know so we can arrange this for you.

Remember there is room service is case you need to eat or drink something and upon your request the breakfast will be served in your room. Make sure you take the medication as indicated and prescribed.

Should you not feel well, have a slight temperature increase or sudden bruising please call our representative immediately. We will take you to the surgeon for a check up and may be change of medication to address the situation.

Only take the painkillers when you feel you need one. It is our advice to just rest and relax for the first 1 ½ day after you returned to your room. If you feel like it just go out for a small walk. The sooner you get back into a normal pattern the better it is allowing you to enjoy Penang.

Between the time when you get back in your room and the 1st check up we will call you a few times to see how you are doing.

Check up

At the date and time indicated to you, our representative will wait for you in the lobby of the hotel to take you for your follow up check up. Depending on the treatment you have had and your recovery this may be only one time but sometimes up to 4 times. Should any questions for the surgeon arise that you did not come across before please make sure you ask them.

Now the holiday can start!