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Going home

We have noticed that many of you have mixed feelings when it is time to say good-bye. 100 % being happy with the treatment they have had and the fast recovery without anything to worry about still you notice there is a kind of hard to say goodbye from Penang.

The friendliness of the people here is what most people are impressed about.

Please make sure you have not forgotten anything in your room and you have your passport and ticket. About 15 minutes before we will bring you to the airport , settle your account with the hotel for laundry, room service, etc.

At the time indicated we will be there to bring you to the airport. We will ask you for the customer satisfaction questionnaire and have enough time on the way to the airport to talk about your experiences.

At the airport we will help you with checking in and avoid any overweight charges because of your shopping here in Penang. We will wish you a good flight and say goodbye.

Back home

When back home you will find our email to see if your flight went ok.
Normally there is no need to see any surgeon in your home country for any follow up.

In case you have any questions about your treatment or in case you have an issue that you do not think it is 100 % as it should be please mail us and after consultation of our surgeon we will reply.

Our surgeons do use dissolvable stitches when required.

And finally if you are happy about your surgery, your stay in Penang and last but not least our service please recommend us to family, friend and colleagues.

Please do not forget: If anything just e-mails us at