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Beautiful Holidays, in its proposal that you receive after filling in the application form on our website, offers you 2 possibilities.

One surgeon, with the USA background, performs most surgeries under local anesthetics with an IV sedation. This means you will be in a twilight sleep during the procedure. For most procedure we include a hospital stay of one or more nights in a single private room. This will be outlined in our proposal.

Our British trained surgeon prefers to perform most surgeries in the operating theatre of the hospital under general anesthetics with a recovery room. Here you will also stay at least one night in a single private room in the hospital. By using the facilities of the hospital, and the anesthesiologist, the price for the surgery increases.

Your choice strongly depends on your own preference; some people want the procedure performed under general anesthetics. Others wish to avoid the site effects and risks associated with a procedure under general anesthetics.

Today most procedures in Europe and the USA are performed under local anesthetics with an IV sedation as this involves less risk and the recovery is much faster.