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Down Payment

In order to make a reservation we will ask you to pay 30 % of the total package price when we make the booking for you. This is to confirm all bookings with the hotel and for the surgery.

For the remaining 70% we need payment before your surgery in Penang. We do not perform surgery until the full 100% has been paid. Some people chose to transfer the remaining 70 % to us before they come out to Penang and some people chose to bring the Money in cash or in Bankers draft.

Telegraphic Transfer or TT

One of the cheapest ways to transfer money is via bank transfer, or TT. A TT can be processed over the counter at your local branch, or you can fax the instruction to your bank manager. Typically, a TT is charged at around 1% of the value of the transaction, which is significantly lower than a credit card charge. This is why we encourage you to pay by TT. Alternatively you can pay by bankers draft.

Our bank details are clearly indicated on the invoice
Should you desire assistance please contact us

Credit Card

We do not accept credit cards as the fees for processing range from 3- 7 %.