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Your health

Through the medical questionnaire you have revealed any medical situation that may prohibit surgery.It may be the case that you have a condition whereby a straightforward surgery is not possible.Please inform us about this.

In that case we will ask our surgeon to contact your surgeon about that condition so that a program can be developed allowing you to have the desired surgery here in Penang.It may require a more extensive stay as normally required and may also incur some extra costs of which we will inform you.

Passports and Visa

It is your responsibility to make sure all your travel documents when entering Malaysia are valid and correct. Usually no visa is required for European and US clients, although you must ensure that your passport has at least 6 months validity before entering Malaysia. We will inform you about any special requirements before booking.

Travel Insurance

We require you to take out travel insurance, so that you will be comprehensively insured for your travel to and in Malaysia. Your insurance will cover you in the unlikely event that you have an accident that is unrelated to the surgery or treatment you receive whilst in Penang.

Medical malpractice

Please note, that the clinics and surgeons in Penang are comprehensively insured and will be solely responsible for settling any medical malpractice claims, under Malaysian Law.

Additional charges

Where you request additional services whilst you are in Penang, that you did not specify on your application form, these will chargeable in Penang. We will present you an invoice in Penang, before we ask you for payment.


In case you would like to stay longer, or if your recovery requires it, we have the ability to change your ticket for the return travel, and sometimes a minimal charge applies. We can extend your hotel stay for as long as necessary and you will be charged accordingly.

Unforeseen hospital expenses

We specifically describe what the medical package entails.
It may happen that you appear to be allergic to a certain drug which forces you may be to one more night stay in the hospital. Any allergy needs always a first time to occur before you have the knowledge. Though your package indicates a one-night stay in the hospital but not feeling that well yet you may ask to stay one more night in the hospital.
Normally our surgeons do not charge for any expenses after surgery. It may happen that you have a small bleeding that has to be stopped. That case may attract extra expenses like medication etc. Of course we will advance those amounts to the hospital but we will present you our invoice for this. Normally these amounts are small.