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While you are in Penang, Beautiful Holidays has organised a series of daytime trips and excursions that you are invited to participate in. For all tours, lunch and mineral water will be included in the cost. We use modern minibuses to take you around and your driver and guide will speak English.

Each trip can be booked locally through our office. Please enquire at the office, or through your Penang representative when you arrive for details on pricing and itinerary.

Historic Georgetown

Georgetown, named by the British after King George III of Britain is an interesting blend of the old and the new. Here, you will visit 'Fort Cornwallis' originally a wooden fortress that was rebuilt through the use of convict labor. Then, visit the 'Museum', built in 1821, which houses a fine collection of old photographs, maps, charts and other historical relics. This will be followed by a stop at Royal Selangor Pewter, to view the world's finest pewter wares on display and for sale. Next, a visit to the Thai Wat Chayamankalaram where you can witness the worlds third largest reclining Buddha, at 33 meters long.

Round Island Tour

Beyond the outskirts of Georgetown another Penang begins. Follow the 74km winding and sometimes mountainous roads you will see the scenic waterfront 'Clan Villages' for which Penang is renowned. Cottage industries are an important source of income e for the village people and here you will be able to witness the actual process of 'batik making'. Proceeding further up this winding road, stop by a fruit stall. Then, snakes come alive at the famous 'Snake Temple'. This tour around the 'underside' of Penang demonstrates why the 'Pearl of the Orient' never fails to surprise its visitors.

Penang Hill and Temple Tour

Nestled within the hills of Penang, is the largest Buddhist temple in SE Asia dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. Known as Kek Lok Si (Temple of Paradise' a 7 tier Pagoda of 10,000 Buddha's, influenced by Thai, Burmese and Chinese architectural styles dominates this temple. -Proceed onwards to take an enjoyable funicular rail ride up 'Penang Hill' 830 m above sea level. Penang Hill was first established as a cool hill retreat during the colonial period. Here you have magnificent panoramic views of Georgetown and the Straits of Malacca.

Grand Penang Tours

This full day tour takes you to a selection of some of the best sites on Penang Island. The tour includes stops at:
  • A fishing village
  • A batik factory
  • A Malay village
  • Fort Cornwallis
  • Kek Lok Si
  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Lunch in a local restaurant will also be included.

Penang Bridge & Mainland

Penang is accessible either by Ferry or by the third longest bridge in the world. The journey starts with a ferry across to Butterworth. While making our way to Pantai Bersih, you will catch a glimpse of Butterworth Town. At Pantai Bersih a breathtaking view of Penang Island awaits you. We will drive past the Mak Mandin Industrial area to arrive at our next destination, the ever popular 'bird park'. Built on 2 hectares of land, there are more than 300 species of birds from all over the world, of which more than 100 are from Malaysia. Your trip will not be complete without a drive across Penang Bridge, 13.5km in length from the mainland to the island.

Market Tour

First, stop at our bustling Wet Market'. You will be able to observe the locals bargaining for fresh produce. Beside displays of vegetables, poultry, spices, fresh meats and seafood, there is also a corner where fresh local cakes are available. Next, visit a market of a different kind - the Thieves Market' or 'Lorong Kulit' as it is locally known. Here one is able to purchase various products ranging from CD's clothes and 'antiques'.

Penang By Night

The evening begins with a sumptuous dinner at a restaurant followed by an evening stroll at the local 'Night Market'. Sights and sounds await you and it is here that you understand why Penang is a far eastern warehouse for everything from food to utensils. Drop by Penang's own 'Lovers Lane' - Gurney Drive. To end a perfect evening, what can be more authentic than a ride of a local 'trishaw'?

Butterfly & Botanical Gardens

A tour specially designed for nature lovers. Out first stop is the spectacular Penang Butterfly farm' which was built by a husband and wife team who love these beautiful insects. The public now marvels at over 120 species of butterflies and local insects. Just 8km from the city center, you will arrive at the 'Botanical gardens'. It's meandering river and sounds of gushing waterfall amidst the vibrant hues of flora bring one closer to nature.

Georgetown - Enchanting Legacy

The Union Jack was hoisted on 11th August 1786 and the island named the Price of Wales by Sir Francis Light. The first township of George Town comprised of two streets, Beach Street and Light Street. Beach Street is today the main banking area of Penang and Light Street is a hub of history and sights. You can take a glimpse into the past by starting at the famous Eastern & Oriental hotel, built in 1884 and owned by the famous Sarkis brothers who also built the Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Next, 'The Garage', formerly a British automobile sales and service center, it is now a cultural center selling antiques, art, handicrafts, jewelry and local products. From the Garage we will walk to a privately owned and truly opulent mansion, the Cheong Fatt Tze, once the home of the rags to riches Chinese born immigrant, built in the 1880's. Finally, we can pass by the Christina Cemetery, the final resting place of European dignitaries and pioneers like Sir Francis Light, Sir Stamford Raffles and Thomas Leonowens, husband of Anna Leonowens of the king and I' fame.

Payar Island

One of the most beautiful and exotic marine parks in Malaysia is located 59km from Penang. Payar is surrounded by superb coral gardens, home to a diversity of spectacular corals and colorful tropical marine life, which makes this a perfect day excursion for sun and sea lovers. You can partake in snorkeling, marine life observation, fish feeding, sunbathing and coral viewing.

Medieval Hat Yai

Discover 'The Little Paris of the East', the southern gateway to Thailand, a fantastic opportunity to sample the frenetic pace and charm of a bustling Asia town enriched with Thai, Chinese and Muslim influences.

Discover Ipoh

Ipoh, located between Penang and the capital Kuala Lumpur on the mainland is almost surrounded by dramatic limestone hills, which give an impressive backdrop to this old city. About a 2 hr drive from Penang this is a truly inspiring, peaceful and scenic trip.

Perak Tong Temple Ipoh

Monkey Beach Cruise

Take an early morning fishing boat along the Penang Island coastline to Monkey Beach, where you can fish for your afternoon lunch! A barbeque awaits you to cook your catch, and we will also provide other fine food if you prefer.