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As the Pearl of the Orient, rich in culture, history, vibrancy and race, Penang is, in one word Beautiful.

You can combine a thoroughly enjoyable vacation with an internationally recognised cosmetic program in Penang. Below are some facts on Penang, with some suggestions on where you can visit while you are here.


Located in SE Asia, Malaysia is land tied to Thailand to the north and joined by a short causeway over the Malacca Straights to Singapore in the South. Penang Island is located 5km off the west coast of Malaysia, about 2 hrs drive from the Malaysian/Thai border.

Getting there

Your flight to Penang will be via Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia if you fly via Malaysian Airlines. If you fly via Singapore airlines it will be via Singapore. All these locations are approximately 1-hour flying time away from Penang and approximately 11-12 hrs from central Europe.


Penang has an equatorial climate that is uniformly warm and humid throughout the year. The average minimum and maximum temperatures range from 23 C to 32 C. There are no recognisable hot or cold seasons as such and the mean annual rainfall of approximately 267cm is evenly distributed throughout the year, although September to November may be considered the wettest months. The rain does not significantly affect the temperature and the rain falls as showers rather than as prolonged downpour.


Culturally diverse, this small island consists of 59.6% Chinese, 33% Malays, 11.4% Indians and 1% of other races. The whole state of Penang has a population of approximately 1 million people.


The official religion is Islam, but there is freedom of worship. There are numerous mosques, Christian churches and Buddhist and Hindu temples.