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Below as a start find an article of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and our comments on the protective statements made by it.

Cosmetic Surgery Vacations: Beyond The Sales Pitch

NEW YORK, NY (April 2, 2002)--Ever thought about taking a cosmetic surgery vacation? Just imagine, while you're getting your face lifted or your tummy tucked, you could be having a glorious time in some exotic, out-of-the-way location -- right? Probably not a good idea, says the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the nation's leading organization of board-certified plastic surgeons that specialize in cosmetic surgery. Here are some reasons why you may want to think twice, especially about traveling abroad for your cosmetic surgery:

You won't be ready for a round of golf. Most cosmetic surgeries involve restrictions on normal activities, and particularly exercise, for several days to weeks. So, while family members might enjoy the benefits of a resort destination while you undergo surgery, just remember that most vacation-type activities will be off-limits for you.

This is a possibility, but firstly golf is only one of many things on offer in Penang and secondly the golf option is not only offered to the person undertaking the surgery, but perhaps the patients' partner. A day out for the patient with their partner on a beautiful golf course, whether they are both playing or not is a time spent together - which is a much better than staying at home alone or attempting to get back to normal life too soon which is exercise enough it itself!

Penang is a destination that has so much to offer the person who desires to travel to Asia to experience a rich Asian cultural diversity whilst at the same time enjoying a modern infrastructure that supports so many comforts and amenities that you are used to back at home. Most expatriates even find daily life is so much more comfortable and safe that many cities in Europe and the US.

Remember the value of having a partner or friend who is there to support you at all times, without the pressures of work and other engagements that can disrupt a patient's recovery at home. Surgery is an emotional experience for many people, so the full support that a patient can receive from loved ones is so much more dedicated while they are relaxed on vacation.

Sun bathing is taboo. If your idea is to recover from surgery lounging by the pool, remember that many types of cosmetic surgery require you to stay out of the sun until you are fully healed. Even then, you will likely be advised to protect yourself with sun block, sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat.

This is true, but again there are so many cultural and recreational activities available to you rather than just your attempt to get a tan. This may of course be your first visit to Asia, and no doubt you will want to explore.

Furthermore, your time relaxing by the pool doesn't have to be in the sun. You can still relax in the shade, read that new bestseller you've bought at the airport on the way out, spend time with your partner and family and take time to explore the cocktail menu! The objective is for you to be fully relaxed, which will only help you to recover better.

Remember the Vitamin D that your body absorbed from the sun is essential for calcium absorption, which is necessary for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. For those undertaking reconstructive surgery this can only be a good thing.

In case you are restricted from spending any time in the sun we will inform you exactly what to do and what to use for protection, and we can even arrange an appropriate holiday program for you if you would like our recommendations.

Your doctor's credentials may not be what you think they are. Although there are excellent surgeons in many countries, it is often difficult to evaluate the training and credentials of surgeons outside the United States. Training and credentials vary, and there is no single international standard for quality such as, in the U.S., certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

As there is no single international standard for quality, why is the American Board of Plastic Surgery necessarily the benchmark? All of our surgeons have received their formal training from British institutions which Malay doctors consider the benchmark for international plastic surgery in terms of quality. Our Principle Surgeon is accredited to the Malaysia Association of Plastic and Cranial Maxillofacial Surgeons (MAPACS) - of which there are only 32 recognised surgeons in Malaysia.

It should be noted that there are many surgeons in the US who are of Chinese decent who are beloved for their skills in plastic surgery. The same is the case in Penang, where our surgeons are also of Chinese origin.

For more information please refer to the section on our Principle Surgeon.

The surgical facility may not offer necessary safeguards. In the U.S., patients may choose to have surgery in an accredited facility that meets accepted safety standards for equipment, personnel and emergency procedures. Many facilities outside the U.S., or those within this country that are not accredited, may fail to meet even minimum safety standards.


The hospital where you will be having your surgery is a fully accredited facility and has to be assessed annually so that it may retain its license. The license is awarded by the Malaysia Ministry of Heath, which has a comprehensive safety assessment program. All personnel are well trained in emergency procedures. Because of the tropical environment, and despite the fact that the hospital is fully air conditioned, some procedures are even stricter than in either the US or Europe. All maintenance schedules are the same.

Necessary follow-up care may be unavailable. Cosmetic surgery patients need to be seen by their surgeon at various intervals following the operation. Initial visits are to determine that recovery is progressing as expected, and later visits are to evaluate long-term results. If your surgeon is hundreds or thousands of miles away, there is no such continuing relationship. If for some reason you decide to have cosmetic surgery away from home, make sure that your surgeon has a professional colleague nearer to where you live who has agreed to see you for any necessary follow-up care.

That is why for some procedures we require you to stay for three weeks in order to make sure you are in perfect health when you leave. You may not have a direct relationship with your surgeon but you will always have a relationship with Beautiful Holidays both in Penang and when you return home. With the advent of email, you can easily keep in contact with your surgeon directly if you need to. Doctors in the US are increasingly using email to build a relationship with their patient, even if they are many hundreds or thousands of miles away in another state.

We can assure you that your surgeon does have a professional colleague or a referred surgeon nearer to where you live who will have agreed to see you for any necessary follow-up care.

Post surgical problems are not easily handled. Serious problems are rare when cosmetic surgery is performed by a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon. However, the results of cosmetic surgery are never 100 percent predictable. Problems, most often minor, which require surgical revisions or other treatment are always a possibility. In such instances, it is important that your surgeon is accessible. Patients who believe they can have surgery abroad and then, if necessary, find a surgeon close to home to handle any problems may find it tougher than they think. Most doctors are reluctant to handle problems, even minor ones, of surgeries they did not perform, particularly if they are unsure of what specific techniques were used in the initial operation.

With Beautiful Holidays our patients are not left to their own devises to find a local surgeon to listen and consult with them. Remember, Beautiful Holidays makes sure that there is a consultant in your home country who knows about your case and is aware of the techniques used in your initial operation. They can coordinate with your surgeon to either undertake the corrective surgery in a minor case or to arrange for you to revisit your surgeon.

Remember, in the US, it is possible that such long distances exist between a doctor and his or her patient. Communication is maintained effectively via telephone or email, and the same can be said of your relationship with your surgeon in Malaysia. Available technology can be easily applied in such situations to ensure that the relationship is maintained.