Frquently Asked Questions

Beautiful Holidays, medical tourism for cosmetic/plastic Surgery in Penang, Malaysia.

some of the F.A.Q

Penang, Malaysia

Do I need to worry about my security? Malaysia is a moderate Muslim majority state with a mixed ethnic and cultural population. Advanced modernization has promoted a tolerance and respect between all ethnic groups. In Malaysia, English is spoken almost as widely as Malay and certainly English is more widely spoken here than in any other SE Asian nation. Malaysia has capitalized on a strong educational, legal and medical legacy left behind from the British after independence in the 1950's. Particularly in Penang Island one of the greatest influences is from the predominant ethnic Chinese population, from architecture to recreation. Subsequently, you will discover a rich cultural diversity with many influences that is far removed from the fundamentalist ideals that have been propagated in other parts of the world. To summarize, Malaysia is not dangerous but please exercise extra caution when driving in Penang!


Medical Safety and Credibility

"I am advised not to go overseas because of the high risks associated with bad surgery and complications that can arise. In some cases I have heard how surgeons do not return calls to support patients when they have returned home". How can Beautiful Holidays ensure quality? The type of incidents that you may have heard about have no doubt set a bad precedent for healthcare in this part of the world. Unfortunately, the media is not so quick to report the success stories. Even the US is not without reports about unsuccessful cosmetic surgery. At Beautiful Holidays we have made arrangements with some of the best plastic surgeons in Malaysia. As you will find, they are fully qualified & certified by relevant parties such as ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery), as well as being formally accredited to the Malaysia Association of Plastic and Cranial Maxillofacial Surgeons (MAPACS). With JCI (Joint Commission International) with state of the art equipment and is imported almost entirely from Europe and the US.


Complications, What would happen if there is a complication with my surgery ?

It is possible that the client may respond to the treatment after they have returned home and there may be a complication. Typically a complication may not mean the aesthetic quality of the surgery but the way in which the body responds to the surgery. In such a case our client may require corrective surgery to rectify the complication. When the complication arises, they will be able to contact Beautiful Holidays directly to seek advice. Where the complication cannot be explained over the telephone with the surgeon who undertook the surgery, we may require them go for a follow up consultation with GP or specialist at home. After this consultation it may be agreed that the client receive corrective surgery. At the expense of Beautiful Holidays, we will waive off the revision surgery surgeon fees. This is our long-standing commitment to our clients.


Hidden Costs Are there any hidden costs in our package with Beautiful Holidays ?

Beautiful Holidays services includes all transfers, hotel and cosmetic surgery in Penang. If you have requested any other, all those requests will be factored into your invoice and no more. Where you request something additional once you have arrived in Penang, that you had not requested on your application form we will let you know the cost and ask you to sign an invoice before hand. If we do not do this you will not be charged at any time throughout your holiday. That is our commitment to you. Am I expected to tip ? Tipping is not common in Penang and service charges are factored into a restaurant bill. If you feel like you would like to tip, 5 to 10 MYR is sufficient.


Cancellations, What happens if we cancel the booking ?

This depends on your reason for canceling. If it is for a reason that is covered by our insurance policy then you will be protected. However, your 20% deposit is completely non-refundable. This is because we need to recover insurance and administrations costs incurred soon after you have placed your deposit. In case you have paid in full and have to cancel for reasons not covered by our insurance policy then the insurance will not cover your cancellation. Can I expect a refund if I decide to not undertake my surgery when I have arrived in Penang, or I am told that I should not undertake the surgery ? In case you arrive and despite all pre-consulting and pre-assessment your surgeon advises you that you should not undertake the surgery, Beautiful Holidays will refund you the amount that we have invoiced you for your surgery only, minus 10% for the intake conversation and our administrative expenses. If you decide to not undertake the surgery after you have arrived, for any reason other than the surgeon's recommendation, Beautiful Holidays will not refund any part of your invoice.


Overnight stay in the Clinic Why do you recommend  one or two night stay at the hospital ? 

Quite simply, the reasons why we want you to stay overnight, and in some cases for two nights is because we can offer you the facility and it is the most suitable place for you to recover, where professional staff and all services are available at any time. Because an operation of any sort can be an emotional experience for any patient, we have realised that it is much more comfortable for a patient to be around staff who can answer any questions they may have during their recovery. One of the reasons why patients do not opt for overnights in clinics in Europe or the US is because of the excessively high cost of doing so. In Penang, you can stay in a private deluxe suite, without having to worry about the expense. In addition, we prefer that you be discharged from the clinic once the surgeon is satisfied that you have responded well to the surgery and that you will have as little to do yourself during your recovery once you have returned to your hotel, for example, to redress light sutures (bandages). Where is it absolutely not necessary and you have agreed with your surgeon you will be discharged on the day of the surgery and be free to recover in your hotel. You will still have access to the clinics staff and they will visit you during your recovery period.


English Language, Why would I need an interpreter ?

As your surgeon will consult with you in English, you will need a good comprehension of the language, so that you will understand your consultations properly. If you are uncomfortable with your level of spoken English, you can request an interpreter to assist you, who will mostly accompany you at medical consultations, but also at other times if necessary. However, a basic comprehension of English will be sufficient for your interactions with local people in Penang, where 95% of the population speak English.


Climate, What type of clothes should I pack ? 

As the temperature is always warm, (25°C) for during the day, shorts, comfortable shoes and a polo-or T-shirt are casual dress in Penang. For dining inside we recommend trousers and a shirt. As most restaurants have air conditioning it is advisable sometimes to take something to prevent the chill. An umbrella is not necessary, but it may be useful to pack a lightweight shower proof jacket if you have one. Sun Care For sun worshipers make sure you use good protective cream. As is with any hot climate, make sure you drink enough water during the day. Links For a comprehensive 5-day forecast go to where you can select Penang, Malaysia, under cities in Asia.


Water, Is the tap water safe for drinking ? 

The water quality in Penang is good so you can drink coffee and tea, take ice cubes and brush your teeth, without any concerns. Drinking bottled water however is a common practice.


Electricity, Can I use my electrical appliances in Malaysia ?

The voltage in Malaysia is 220V, so you may not want to use your electrical appliances from Europe or the US. If you do, you will require a 3-pin plug adaptor, as is found in the UK. You should be able to borrow an adaptor from your hotel or purchase one locally for about $3.00.


Currency, What is the currency of Malaysia ?

The Malaysian currency is called the Ringgit (MYR), but do not be surprised if people ask you for dollars. They are not asking you for US dollars or any other currency for that matter. Locally, the Ringgit is referred to as the dollar. The Malaysian government pegged the MYR to the US$, so expect a fixed exchange rate at just under 4.00 MYR to the US$1.00. As it is not possible to buy MYR outside Malaysia, you should change your money in Malaysia, for example at a bank counter where most foreign currencies are accepted. It is not necessary to bring US$ to Malaysia, if you are not coming from the US. You can also change at the hotel, although the exchange will not be so favorable to you. There are also officially licensed moneychangers throughout Penang. Always make your own calculation first and always ask for an official receipt.


VISA, Do I need a VISA to visit Malaysia ?

Visas: Commonwealth citizens, US citizens and most European nationals do not need visas for visits of less than three months. Visitors are usually issued an extendable 30 or 60-day visa on arrival. Subject to change accordingly. To be sure, do visit your nearest immigration office for further details.