Surgery + Holidays

Beautiful Holidays, making SURGERY ABROAD a SUCCESS

So you are planning to go overseas for cosmetic surgery with holidays?

Beautiful Holidays has compiled a list of things you have to watch before deciding where to go and with whom to go. It also points out what you can and cannot do while you are on your holiday for surgery. This list is based on our decade of experience in the Medical Tourism industry, the views from our surgeons and the experience we have with previous clients.


Before you decide,  check the accreditation of the surgeon and the hospital. Make sure that you will be seeing the surgeon of whom you have seen the resume as this is not always the case. Talk to previous clients of the surgeon who will be performing your surgery. Check out the company you are going with; just a pretty website is not enough. Make sure to read the whole website so you find out more about them. Talk to their previous clients. Ask them lots of questions about anything you like; they are there to answer you and make sure you make an informed decision. Make sure you know what is included in your package. Will you have to pay more if you stay 1 extra night in the hospital and if yes how much will that be. Are your take home medications included, do you have to pay extra if you want to order breakfast in your room in the hotel and what services are included. What will happen if your surgery is to go wrong and you are not happy with the results once back at home? If they offer to revise the surgery then what will be included, only the medical part or also the hotel and flight? If you are in front of the surgeon on your location and you do not like him or don't trust his skill, what amount will be reimbursed to you? Can you then cut your holiday short and fly home earlier? Find out how much of a holiday it will be, what the average recovery is like and what activities you will be able to do after surgery. Will there be other clients at the same time so you could maybe meet up. Are you getting information on the tourist destination and things to do from the company you have selected?


Decide on the surgery you require and have realistic expectation about it. We are all different, so the same surgery will look different for 2 different people, even if you are the same age, shape and size. Likewise the same size implant will look completely different in 2 different breasts, as all nipples and chest shape and sizes are diverse. Send pictures of the area you wish to improve so that the surgeon can tell you wish surgery you would most benefit from. He will tell you what results you can expect. Do not feel pressured by the opinions of others. There should be only one reason that you are getting the surgery done - because you want to! Well-meaning friends and family will have their own comments, but don't be swayed into or out of making a decision based on the opinions of others. Prepare your body for surgery before you go. This means that you will try to get your body in good shape; eating healthily and regularly exercising. Clients who are in good shape and condition before surgery have the best healing. Remember that every little bit helps.


 When you are at your destination, ensure a thorough consultation before your surgery. Your consultations can last anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You should not feel pressured by time and have enough time to make sure your get all your questions answered before your undergo your surgery. Prepare a list of questions for the surgeons if you feel this will help you. If you are not happy with your consultation you should be able to cancel your surgery. Read all the documentation you are given on arrival. Always get in contact if you are unsure about things such as your diet before surgery etc. The people who are looking after you are aware of these things and can advise you what to do. Get advice on how to minimise your scars. This may be through silicone patches or creams. If you feel creams like arnica might be beneficial to you bring them with you and make to get the surgeons advice on this. Cover up from the sun. Your scars can change in color if exposed to the sun so it is important to make sure they are not exposed.


Don't forget that a destination like Malaysia or Thailand is mostly sunny and even when you are sitting in the shadow you will have to wear a sun protection cream. Enjoy your holiday and make the most out of it. You will have learned a lot about the destination where you are by the large information package you are given and it is good to look forward to sightseeing, shopping and other fun activities. Enjoy the value of your money. Many things are a lot cheaper here in Asia then they are back at home. Massages, waxing, facials, body treatments, pedicure's, manicure's, hairdressers and other beauty treatments are far cheaper here and this will be a good way for you to enjoy them. Shopping is a must and you have to be prepared so don't come with a full suitcase so you have room left. Back home It is important you keep in contact once you are a home. You can email pictures so that the surgeon can monitor your recovery and results. Though, if you go with a trustworthy company it is likely that there is a minimum time that you have to stay at your location, so that you have done most of your recovery under the supervision of the surgeon.