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Gynecomastia & Facelift - Darwin, Australia

Being a man I did not know much about surgery as it just doesn't get written about much or talked about. I also didn't know anybody that had surgery before so I had nothing to go on. So my research started and by the time I finished I could have written a book. Australia was out because of the cost and I did not fancy having to talk to people afterwards. I considered Thailand but the human approach seemed to miss.


Then I found Beautiful Holidays. I had many questions about the surgeon. His qualifications, the hospital etc. Via email they were all answered quickly. Also Tony gave me a good vibe, even via email. The surgeon also called me so that I could have my last doubts erased. It felt like the right choice. Beautiful Holidays organised everything for me once we had agreed a date for me to go,.


Tony was there to greet me when I landed. He took me to the hotel and made sure I had all that I need. There was also a schedule so I could see when I had to do what. The next day at 9 was my consultation followed by the surgery if I was happy. The consult lasted about 1 hour and was very understandable in a way that he would use the proper medical terms but then would also explain it in laymen's terms. I was then ready to go ahead with the surgery. My biggest concern was my facelift, you can hide your bruised chest but a bruised and battered face is harder, especially when you are a man. 7 hours or so later I woke on my single hospital room.


My experience was good and I would recommend anybody to go via Beautiful Holidays for my surgery abroad. The staff are all great, friendly and the hospital and surgeon are professional and clean. You feel better looked after than at home, especially with the nurses in hospital. The surgeon is a kind and funny man and hurt me a few times with his dry jokes (laughing hurt my chest the first week). Bedside manners the majority of surgeons at home can learn something from.


Over the next 3 days after my surgeries, Tony and Marloes came to see me several times. Always with someting to eat or a newspaper or some (smuggled in) Starbucks coffee. The staff at the hosital were friendly and made me feel comfortable. There was some pain, especially in my chest but great drugs kept most of it at bay. Dr Danny came to see me at least twice a day and always took his time .


I think that using this company took the hassle out of everything for me. I did not have to think or arrange anything. All I had to do was heal and get better. The results for my face are great. I am 58 but looked about 70 before surgery and I now look a fresh mid 50's. The results kept on changing and now, 6 months after surgery, I can say I am very happy. My chest is flat now, something I had not had since my mid twenties. It is a little uneven (only visible to me) but this can happen as there was rather a lot to remove. The surgeon does say to give it another 6 months and it will smooth out. I have trusted the man with so much, I do trust him on this as well.


Breast Augmentation & Dentistry - Reims, France

For me after 2 children I knew I wanted to have my breasts a size bigger. I breast fed both my children for 6 months so there was lots of sagging. I send my pictures to beautiful holidays and was told that if I wanted to have firm breasts I need to go for a big implant which would take my breasts to a D cup. I am a petite woman so I did not want to go this big. The surgeon suggested I go for a smaller size implant which would take my breasts to a B cup and then do lift to get rid of the skin that was too much. Marcel wanted a better shape and white color for his teeth and the dentist suggested veneers.


When we arrive in Penang we were taken from the airport to go to our hotel by Tony from Beautiful Holidays. The next day I had my consult with the surgeon. I was happy with what he had told me and the surgery followed. At this time Marcel had his consultation and he was impressed with the clinic and how modern it was. He felt like the dentist did not try to sell anything to him and his only comment was that it's not easy to sit still for 3 hours in the dentist chair. My surgery went without any problem.


Marcel came to see me in the evening together with some flowers from Tony which was very nice. I also notice how very friendly the nurses were compared to France. I slept mostly for the first day back at the hotel. I was not in pain as I had many medications to take care of the pain but they did make me want to sleep. The next day I had my check up and all was going well. I was a little shocked at how red and big the scars looked but was told this will get better and that already in 1 week it would look less angry. It was then weekend so we just stayed around the hotel. I did miss a balcony.


The hotel was great and it was next to the shops and many places to eat. I had 2 more check ups with the surgeon and got some time to enjoy our holiday. The surgeon was really very nice. Now it is 3 months after my surgery and I am very happy with the results. Marcel is also happy with his veneers and it makes a big difference to before. We are both satisfied with our holiday and the good care we got from Beautiful Holidays. My scars are slowly fading and the shape of my breast is starting to look very good.


Facelift & Liposuction - Bristol, United Kingdom

After a lot of research I had decided I wanted to go ahead with a facelift and liposuction or a tummy tuck. Now came the big question; which surgeon to go with and how do you find somebody. I was getting none the wiser on the Internet as there were just so many stories, good and bad, around. I started bringing up the subject of cosmetic surgery with my friends and colleagues. The wife of my co worker had been to Beautiful Holidays for surgery 2 years previously and I started talking to her which gave me a lot of confidence. So finally I was in contact with what seemed the right people. They answered all my questions.


Booked my flight and there I goes. The moment I met Tony, who picked me up from the airport, I felt better although the lack of sleep was starting to kick in. On the way from the airport to the hotel Tony told me what I could expect over the next days. My consult was the next afternoon and surgery the morning after that. Marloes met me at my hotel and took me to meet the Surgeon for my consultation, He made me feel very good about myself by showing me pictures of people that looked a lot worse than me to begin with.


The next day Tony picked me up for surgery and of course I was nervous to say the least. I was given some tablets to help me relax and then it was surgery time. They took pictures and I was prepped for surgery. I remember nothing from then on, only waking up to the surgeon telling me it was done and I had done good and he was pleased with the results so far.


The nurses, surgeon and peoples from Beautiful Holidays were very nice and I got a lot of attention. Thank god for the patience the whole team in Penang had with me. All in all I am now so happy with my results. Everybody comments on how good I look and I now have a stomach and face to match my personality. Would I have plastic surgery very likely not. But if anybody asks I will certainly recommend Beautiful Holiday to them; they really made the best out of a bad situation and I cannot stress how great the results are. No surgeon here in the UK could have done a better job.

Facelift & Dentistry - Tauranga, New Zealand

When we got to Penang after a long journey I was extremely nervous. Marloes met us at the airport and brought us to our hotel. Along the car ride she answered all of my questions and showed us some of Penang which put me at ease. My consult was later that day and my procedure was to be the following day.


During the consult the procedure was explained to me in great detail, maybe even too much detail. The surgeon in NZ had not told me about all the possible things that could go wrong so it was a bit of a shock. I do feel that it was good that I was told all this as it made me make an informed decision about my surgery. The surgeon made me sit up on the bench and look at myself in the mirror, then he asked me to lie down flat and hold the mirror over my face to see what the facelift would do to my face, I thought that was neat little trick and it made me realize I would be happy with the results. I really liked Dr Danny so that was a bonus. On the day of my surgery Marloes came to pick me up and my husband came along for support. I was extremely nervous.


I do not remember much from then on, only waking up to the surgeon telling me it was done and I had done well and he was pleased. My husband was taken in a few times to visit me in the hospital but I was just very tired. The nurse care was good and they gave me a lot of attention. I can only say I was happy to be leaving the hospital and getting back to the hotel to focus on my recovery. During my first few days back at the hotel, I just slept and relaxed.


Marloes insisted I try and get out of the hotel and enjoy Penang a bit and I think the little push she gave me really helped as we started planning little things to do each day and it changed my frame of mind. At the one week point I was doing much better (though feeling a little silly for my not so nice behaviour up to that point). The second week of our holiday we really got to enjoy Penang and it is truly a lovely island.


Some of the things we did included going for foot reflexology, the fruit garden, the malls, the heritage trail with all its magnificent old buildings and lots of eating out. I had my checkups with Dr Danny and once the stitches were removed I really felt a difference. I am now 4 months along after my surgery and holiday and I am extremely happy with the results. The incisions are barely visible and I get lots of compliments from the people around me.


Marloes and Tony were a blessing during our holiday and my recovery, nothing was too much and they did it all with a smile. We will be coming back to Penang as my husband wants to have some dental work done next year. I recommend Beautiful Holidays with an A+. Thanks again to Beautiful Holidays.

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